Puppy Training

Teaching their puppy to walk correctly at heel is an issue that many owners struggle with, especially as their puppy develops in size, character and confidence.

Heel work is a fundamental part of every day exercise for most pet owners. Without tolerable standards, ‘taking the dog for a walk’ becomes something of an uphill struggle. However, once this simple and very basic discipline becomes second nature to a puppy other disciplines such as sit, down and stay become a matter of course.

The ease and pleasure of walking a trained puppy means that the puppy is exercised more often, the command and action is repeated and the bond between dog and owner is reinforced.

This early learning programme is designed specifically for puppies aged from 5 to 8 months of age and provides education at a very important stage in a young dog’s life. Your puppy will be trained in the following lead disciplines;

  • To walk at heel
  • To sit on command
  • To go down on command
  • To perform a brief down stay
  • Respond to a short recall.

To find out the cost of our Puppy Training Course please get in touch. All prices quoted will include full board and VAT.

At the end of the 14 days training, an appointment will be made for you to collect your puppy when a demonstration of his/her performance will be given. This will be followed by a short lesson with your puppy before going home.

In the month following the completion of your puppy’s training, dog handling lessons are offered to owners wishing to progress further or to simply master handling techniques. These are offered at a preferential rate per 30 minute lesson.