Domestic Guard Dog Training

There is, of course, much more to domestic guard dog training than just teaching one’s dog to bite. To get the dog to bite cleanly and accurately on command and show initiative in a given situation, yet display an even temperament “off the field” in an environment shared with the public, has become almost an art.

It is important to remember that not all breeds are suitable for this type of work and amongst those breeds which are recognised for their natural abilities, there are often individual animals which, for various reasons, will not make the grade. We recommend that any owner considering a domestic guard dog course, first attends the kennels with their dog for an assessment.

Instruction in Domestic Guard Dog training may be taken as residential courses or as private tuition as detailed 

Private Tuition 

Karenswood (International) Ltd offers private tuition to owners looking to encourage their dog’s natural guarding ability, whilst ensuring that they maintain complete control of the dog whilst performing manwork exercises.

In addition to learning the basics of domestic guard dog handling techniques, the owner is encouraged to observe and understand their dog throughout the lesson.

Enthusiasts requiring their dog to perform the “Chase & Attack” and “Stand-off” exercises, or to recall their dog from a running criminal are welcome to call at the kennels to discuss their particular situation.

Residential Domestic Guard Dog Training

Although we have separated manwork from other Working Trials / Police Dog exercises, we do recommend that a measurable degree of control over one’s dog is established before engaging a manwork programme. Owners may also consider attending the kennels in order to have their dog assessed for its suitability for the course before booking.

Please note that although the residential Domestic Guard Dog course is detailed below, it can be tailored to suit individual requirements and the capabilities of a particular dog.

We require to keep your dog for twenty eight days. During this time your dog will be taught the disciplines as described below:

  • Attack on command
  • Leave on command
  • Defend the handler
  • Stop a running criminal

Upon completion of the course, the owner of the dog is invited to attend the kennels by appointment for a course of three lessons in dog handling procedures which will be given entirely free of charge.